• Technical Due Diligence (TDD).

  • Vendor TDD.

  • Purchaser TDD.

  • Pre Due Diligence Building Check Up.

  • Building Surveys (Schedules of Condition / Defects & Costs). 

  • Maintenance / Cost Planning.

  • Material Lifecycle Analysis.

  • Technical Advice.

  • CPD / External Training / Guest Lectures.

Technical Due Diligence / Building Surveys (Vendor/ Purchaser).

Building inspections / audit to establish the condition (past / present / future) of the following construction elements (in accordance with RICS guidelines on Technical Due Diligence and Commercial Building Surveys):

  • Roofs.

  • Structures

  • Facades.

  • .Internal Finishes.

  • Services Installations*

  • External Areas.

Review of Legal / Technical Documents:

  • Building Permits.

  • Environmental Permits.

  • Fire Brigade Advice.

  • Control Reports.

  • Asbestos Inventories.

  • Acceptance Reports.

  • Maintenance Contracts.

Delivery of Cost Advice (Immediate / Short Term / Medium Term / Long Term).


Pre-Due Diligence Strength & Weakness Analysis.

Building inspections to establish the principle technical strengths and weaknesses of a property / asset with delivery of an executive summary. Optional audit of AS BUILT files / data room documents to ascertain the status / completeness of this pre-due diligence.


Building Surveys / Maintenance Inspections / Schedules of Condition / Materials Lifecycle Analysis.

Tailored professional advice / consultancy concerning individual construction elements and building materials to detail building defects (cause and effect) and material lifecycles.


Building Services Installations (M&E) - Belgium & Luxembourg.


*Services Installations (M&E) are inspected by our chosen partner Geert Lybeer bvba.


Geert Lybeer bvba is fronted by Geert Lybeer who is a qualified Services Engineer specialising in the design and project management of M&E installations (HVAC, High & Low Tension Electricity, Sanitary, Fire Detection, Sprinkler Installations and Lifts).


Geert has also performed multiple technical audits in Blegium and Luxembourg for Technical Due Diligence and property acquisitions for assets including hundreds of buildings in the past 10 years

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